NAAS ELECTION:Easydecent, ABK, Focus,Olori, Movement, Cybass, Delight,babs,Miz endow,Oriana, Debbie… Emerge as the faculty of Agriculture New executive

The electoral commission of Naas (Econaas) once again conducted a free and fair election in the history of Naas.
The electoral commission which was led by Commissioner Prof. Conducted a free and fair election on Monday 12th of July 2017 at the Agriculture Lecture theater (AGLT).
The election process started at exactly 9:00am and ended by 3:00pm.
Students of this great faculty move in mass to cast their vote for whom they think and feel and believe can lead them right.
The result of the election was released at exactly 11:00pm on Monday.
The Names below are the winner of the just concluded NaaS election.

President – Easydecent
Vice president – ABK
General secretary – Focus
Asst. General secretary – olori
Financial secretary – cybass
Social secretary – movement
Welfare director – Miz Debbie
Sport director – Oriana
Librarian – delight
PRO2-miz endowed

Congratulation to the newly elected NaaS executive
NaaS koni baje oooo!!!

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