The Dean, The Sub-Dean, The Faculty Officer, All H.O.D’s present, Our distinguished and respectable fathers on the high table and my ever active – ever dynamic NAASITES.   I am here today humble by the task before us, grateful for the trust put on us and carefully of our true values as an association. I will love to start with a sincere and profound gratitude to the creator of all creatures, the Almighty by whose mercies and might we are able to gathered here today. Today marks another watershed in the history of our association as the batton of leadership is being exchanged. My sincere appreciation goes to the management of this great faculty for providing an enabling environment for all students. We must commend the staff adviser and all lecturers for their support, dedication and commitment towards the association to bring dynamism in the affairs of the association. This dynamism has been the major instrument that has contributed to the success of all past and present leaders.   Before ploughing ahead, perhaps we should look back, On the 17th of July, students within the faculty troop out en masse to vote those they believe in to saddle their affairs in the next one year. Despite it was in the period of examination phobia when most students spend their time studying hard ahead of the exams, despite the few minutes heavy rain, NAASITES stood in determination to ensure they exercise their rights. All this was done not just because of the love NAASITES have for their association but also because of the believe and trust they have in us. They voted us in not mainly by our previous contributions towards the progress of the association but also based on our proposed agenda and promise.   As the saying goes, “to whom much is given, much is expected”.  The best way we can pay all NAASITES is by serving them deligently, ensuring that our utmost concern is their optimum welfarism, valuing all NAASITES irrespective of their levels, department or religion which is the only way to add values to their life and also working towards the actualization of all our promised agenda and plans. I pray and believe that with our full determination and the support of the Almighty creator we are already there.   I wish to commend the efforts of all past leaders that had saddled the affairs of the association. You will agree with me that the association has gone through turbulent periods owing to vested interest but these leaders did their best in establishing and maintaining our unity and greatness.   My inaugural speech would be incomplete if I fail to humbly appeal for the maximum cooperation and supports for this administration from the staff, management and students of this great faculty. The work load is laborious and therefore requires a collective effort for us to effectively discharge our mandate and accordingly vindicate the confidence you have reposed in us.   Do not forget that the success of this administration is your success and also the success of the association in general. Naas has been REDEFINED, Naas has been taken to a GREATER HEIGHT, Naas has FLOW in LOVE, NOW! It is time for Naas to PROGRESS in UNITY & GREATNESS. Let’s all support and embrace the PROGRESSIVE ERA wholeheartedly for the love of God and our association.  Thanks for the support in advance  LONGLIVE NAASITES, LONGLIVE NAAS, LONGLIVE NIGERIA.


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